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ContactStruct type

Specifies or retrieves information on a user contact within a list of available contacts, Contact List and messaging groups.

Type ContactStruct     Flags As Long     OuId As Long     Status As PresenceStatus     Account As String     FirstName As String     LastName As String End Type


Not used in this version of the IM Client SDK.
Contains the ID of Organizational Unit under which the contact is located. This member is filled only if a list of available contacts or Contact List is retrieved from IM server and the lists are structured (tree-based). It refers to Id member of an element from array of OuStruct type that can be returned by IServerClientVBA::EnumContactList and IServerClientVBA::EnumAvailableContacts methods.
A variable of PresenceStatus enum type which contains contact's current presence status. This member can be one of the following values:
Indicates that the contact is currently connected to the IM server and is online.
Indicates that the contact is not connected to the IM server.
Indicates that the contact is currently connected to the IM server but away mode is enabled on the IM client.
Contains the name of contact (user account).
Contains contact's first name.
Contains contact's last name.