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Bopup Communication Server

Organizes, manages and controls all of your private and business IM communications

Bopup Communication Server is an in-house enterprise messaging server built to provide efficient and private communication over networks of any size. The server meets most of the critical business needs, such as centralized management, the Active Directory (LDAP) support, message and file transfer logging. It can be easily deployed over the business infrastructure to unite the entire company's offices and other locations into one internal IM workspace with control over messaging groups, user permissions to view others and send messages and documents, message and transfer archives with printing support.

This encypted chat server software is the server part of the client/server IM suite and client messenger applications are needed for communication.


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This is private and ultra-safe IM server that can be installed on your local servers

Avoid from public instant messaging solutions if you mind about privacy and strongly require to keep the message archive and all other information confidential and inside your company. Bopup IM built for your safety and security.

Get a lifetime license with no recurring monthly or per seat fees by running the server on your own environment (Self-Hosted IM)

Since the server stores and delivers offline messages and files, users never lose information they are supposed to receive. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if data is sent via the Internet. Users can send messages with formatted text, links and graphic emoticons (smileys), organize their personal Contact Lists, access their contacts from any workplace and see who is online and available for communication. The client software can be configured on the server to run in the Confirmation Mode, which means that the client pops up every time a new message is received and keeps the window on top until the user confirms the message. Supported IM clients include stand-alone applications for Windows OS and Android platform.

To crown it all, Bopup Communication Server is fast to deploy and easy to use. It has a great and flexible user interface and comes with a built-in messaging system for scheduled and planned user notifications including the File Distribution system that offers a managed distribution of documents to users. Client instant messengers can be easily installed and distributed via Group Policies with the support of pre-installed settings.

Do not have a server available 24/7 to host the IM server? We offer a hosted IM service that runs it on our servers

The server also supports custom instant messengers and applications that are built using IM Client SDK (Software Development Kit) which provides components, libraries and programmer documentation.

Use Bopup Communication Server for free to exchange with short text messages and small files

The IM server supports fully free limited mode that limits a length of instant messages to 45 symbols and restricts file exchange over 1 Mb size.

  • Secure and Private Communication

    All transmitted messages and files are encrypted with strong encryption algorithms based on the Diffie-Hellman key exchange and CAST-128 algorithms. That is the first and primary way to make corporate and business IM safe and secure.

  • Authentication Modes

    The server supports various modes to authenticate and authorize connected users. Choose the best way for your corporate and business infrastructure from the available authentication modes: Simple, Windows Authentication (SSPI) and Private login/password.

  • Messaging Groups

    The centralized management of user groups makes it possible to organize a flexible IM structure with a list of assigned groups and send/receive-only permissions set for each user.

  • User Presence Status

    Online statuses allow users to see the current status of each user in their Contact List, i.e. Online, Away, Offline/Not available and control their own status.

  • Contact List Access

    Users can organize personal Contact Lists and access them from any workplace and location. Users are informed if there are new contacts available on the IM server and if they can be added to their Contact Lists.

  • Message Logging & Archiving

    Browse, search and view the entire message and file transfer archives. Print information for any period and for any person.

  • File Distribution

    Easy, managed and secure distributing files and directories to client workstations. Important documents can be assigned and delivered to users from the server in a fully automated mode with a set of advanced flags.

  • Terminal Server Support

    The client software fully supports the Terminal Server, Citrix environments and the Windows XP Fast User Switching feature. Users can communicate even if they are connected to the same server via Terminal Client sessions or have open logon sessions on the same computer simultaneously.

  • Offline File Transfer and Urgent Messaging

    Enable message exchange and file transfer even if some users are currently not available. Offline messages and files are automatically delivered by the IM server to the recipient when the latter goes online. Send urgent messages for high-priority tasks and notifications.

  • Instant IM Client Updates & Software Branding

    LAN chat messengers can be instantly updated from the central IM server. This feature allows to keep IM client versions up-to-date and deploy new software updates and patches in a completely automated way without having to manually install it on all user computers. Branding allows to rebrand IM client and place company logo in the messenger interface.

  • Active Directory (LDAP) Support

    Import user accounts from a global catalog and create the local users database on the server within a few seconds. Import accounts by choosing different criteria: by Organizational Units (OU) or by Groups. The server also provides integration options with a directory and can search and import accounts "on-the-fly" when new users connect.

  • Access from a Command Line interface

    Control the communication server and send messages directly from a command line interface. Send scheduled and instant messages to users and groups from third-party applications, scripts or batch files.

  • Centralized Notification

    Send notifications and urgent messages and keep users updated on any events and information. These messages are automatically delivered by the server at the scheduled time at the specified intervals.

  • Confirmation Mode

    Activate the Confirmation Mode which pops up the client messenger when a message is received and keeps it on top of other windows until the user clicks the Confirm Message button. That is the best way to attract users' attention.

  • Fast to Set up

    Takes few minutes to set up and start. Much easier to configure than Openfire and other XMPP (Jabber) servers.

  • Fully Private

    Unlike cloud-based IM solutions this IM server is installed and run on a customer's environment that avoids an access to confidential information from any third-party authorities.

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We offer a very flexible pricing schedule. Our pricing policy depends on the number of purchased licenses (one per user connection) of the IM client software. Choose below how you plan to use the software: purchase Self-Hosted solution with one-time cost or pay monthly for each user connection without buying the products.

Self-Hosted IM (Option A)

You install and run the communication server software on your network internally. You pay one-time purchase fee both for the server and messenger applications.

Hosted IM (Option B)

We host the IM server for you on our servers. You pay only for each user connection on monthly basis and receive app updates for free while you continue using the software.

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