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Ultra-Safe Instant Messaging (IM) Suite

Enterprise-level client/server chat software for efficient real-time communications

Secure and Private Communication

Be sure that messaging is encrypted and not accessible by anyone even if users chat via an Internet connection.

Authentication Modes

Choose the best way how to authenticate users: Simple, Windows Authentication (SSPI) and Private login/password.

  • Bopup Messenger for Android
  • Bopup Messenger for Windows
  • Bopup Observer for Windows


IM Server for

up to 20 users



are supported

Active Directory (LDAP) Support

Import user accounts from a global catalog and create the local users database on the server within a few seconds.

Message Logging & Archiving

Browse, search and view the entire message and file transfer archives. Print information for any period and for any person.

This is fully private IM system that can be run on your local servers

Avoid from about public instant messaging solutions if you mind about privacy and strongly require to keep the message archive and all other information confidential and inside your company. Bopup IM built for your safety and security.

Communication Server

Bopup Communication Server

Server-side enterprise software that organizes, manages and controls all of your private IM system.

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Messenger Client

Bopup Messenger

Full-featured corporate IM client that exchanges both personal, group messages and files safely.

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Observer Client

Bopup Observer

One-way messenger is to receive messages and files. Ideal for alerting, urgent and emergency notification.

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IM Client SDK

Bopup IM Client SDK for Windows®

Build your own, customize, integrate and extend existing apps with instant messaging functionality.

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Get a lifetime license with no recurring monthly or per seat fees by running the messaging server locally (Self-Hosted IM) or pay as low as $1.50 per user monthly (Hosted IM service)

Bopup IM is a corporate instant messaging suite designed to provide efficient private communication over networks of any size including small and office LANs, WANs and large enterprise and business networks with connections over Internet. This IM software is based on a client/server architecture so you have to configure the communication server and deploy client messenger applications on users' and employees' PCs.

Use Bopup Communication Server for free to exchange with short text messages and small files

The IM server supports fully free limited mode that limits a length of instant messages to 45 symbols and restricts file exchange over 1 Mb size.

Clinics and healthcare organizations that successfully use our IM applications

Our customers from healthcare area

Download and start a free evaluation of 45-day trial versions of the software today!

Fully functional releases both of the server- and client-side software let see how the product operates and looks. No registration is required for download and installation that takes around few minutes. Try it out right now!