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Bopup Observer

Just receives instant messages and files, designed for alerting, urgent and emergency notifications

Bopup Observer is a secure one-way messenger designed for alerting and notification purposes. This clear, easy to use and light-weight IM client can be deployed on LAN or enterprise-size networks and helps you keep users informed and updated instantly.

The messenger supports rich-text messages including links, font and color formatting, emoticons, and it can receive files and directories from the IM server and other users. You can get urgent messages or activate the Confirmation Mode on the instant messaging server that pops up the program when a message is received and keeps it on top until the user clicks the Confirm Message button.

This is a client part of the client/server IM suite and communication is organized and managed via Bopup Communication Server.


IM Server for

up to 20 users

Latest Version


Get a lifetime license with one-time purchase fee by installing the messaging server on your local network (Self-Hosted IM) or pay as low as $1.20 per user/month (Hosted IM)

Messaging and File Transfer are encrypted with strong algorithms so that personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if you receive messages and files via the Internet. You will never lose any information you receive because offline messages and transfers are stored and automatically delivered by the server when the recipient goes online.

No user experience and skills are needed to use the program. The smart and comfortable user interface with advanced usability options and popup notifications allows you to join the IM network in a few mouse clicks. The messenger completely supports the Terminal Server/Citrix environment and can be used simultaneously by multiple users on one computer. Bopup Observer can automatically download and install updates from the communication server.

The centralized client/server architecture offers complete and flexible management for controlling your IM infrastructure. The central server logs all user activity and archives all messages and file transfers with the reporting, search and printing options. It allows you to manage messaging groups, users' contact information and permissions to send and view other users, assign and distribute important files and documents to users. It is easy to import user accounts from your Active Directory (LDAP) and start an efficient instant messaging and real-time communication system right now.

Several authentication modes are supported in the messaging server software: Simple (only matches Windows Login ID and IM account name on the server), Windows Authentication or private login ID (can be e-mail or any different name instead Windows Login ID) and password pair.

Our IM software is based on a client/server architecture, so you have to configure both IM server and client software on your LAN/WAN environment.

  • Secure Communication

    All messages and file transfers are encoded with strong encryption algorithms. That is the first and primary way to make corporate IM safe and secure.

  • Messaging Groups

    The centralized management of user groups allows organizing a flexible IM structure with a list of assigned groups and send/receive-only permissions available to each user.

  • Ease of Use

    The smart and handy user interface is intuitive and easy. It really is.

  • Offline Messaging and File Transfer

    Deliver important information to users even if they are currently unavailable and receive such messages and files. Offline messages and transfers are stored on the IM server and automatically delivered to the recipient when he goes online.

  • File Distribution

    Receive files and documents that are assigned to you on the IM server. This feature offers an easy and secure distributing files and directories with a set of advanced flags.

  • Favorite Messages

    Select your favorite messages with important information and they will be always in your message list until you delete them.

  • Terminal Server Support

    The complete support for the Terminal Server, Citrix environments and Windows XP Fast User Switching feature. The messenger can be used by multiple users connected to the same server via Terminal Client sessions or by several users who have logon sessions on the same computer.

  • Centralized Notification

    Receive notifications and urgent messages from the IM server and stay updated on any events and information. These messages are automatically sent by the server on the scheduled time and at the specified intervals.

  • Confirmation Mode

    Activate the confirmation mode on the communication server that pops-up the program on message reception and keeps it on top of other windows until user clicks the Confirm Message button.

  • Message and Transfer Logging & Archiving

    Browse, search and view the entire message and transfer archives on the IM server. Print information for any period, for any person.

  • Instant Updates from the IM server

    The messenger can be instantly updated from the central IM server. This feature allows you to keep client versions up-to-date and deploy new software updates and patches in a completely automated way without having to manually install it on all user computers.

  • Portable Instant Messaging Software

    Bopup Observer is a portable instant messaging client. Copy the messenger to another folder on a hard drive, shared network location, USB flash drive or move the client-side software to another computer/workstation and get it working with no any setup and configuration.

Calculate price

We offer a very flexible pricing schedule. Our pricing policy depends on the number of purchased licenses (one per user connection) of the IM client software. Choose below how you plan to use the software: purchase Self-Hosted solution with one-time cost or pay monthly for each user connection without buying the products.

Self-Hosted IM (Option A)

You install and run the communication server software on your network internally. You pay one-time purchase fee both for the server and messenger applications.

Hosted IM (Option B)

We host the IM server for you on our servers. You pay only for each user connection on monthly basis and receive app updates for free while you continue using the software.

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