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User interface

Main window of the messenger contains 2 tabs: My Contacts and Today's Messages, and allows you to view messages that were received by your current online session and access your contacts within assigned Messaging Groups.

My Contacts tab
Today's Messages tab

Each incoming message on the Today's Messages tab is highlighted with a different color based on a message type, i.e. Personal, Group, News notification from a server or Urgent message. It is an easy way to attract an attention and see what type of message is received.

Urgent message indicates a priority of message, it can be Personal, Group and News message and is highlighted with red color. When urgent message is received Bopup Messenger automatically pops up and notifies user with a sound file even the appropriated settings disabled in the messenger by user.

The program toolbar contains the following functions you can quickly access.

From the left to the right:

  • Open a new sending session
    This opens a new sending message dialog.

  • Transfer files
    Opens a new File Transfer dialog box.

  • View Message and Transfer History
    Displays message and files transfer archive that contains all sent and received data.

  • Switch to Away mode
    This changes your presence status from/to Away mode. Click on down-arrow to paste and set an away message from your away messages list.

  • Open the program options
    This opens Options dialog to change the program settings.

  • Organize Contact List
    This opens Organize My Contacts Wizard that lets you build your own contacts and set displaying options.

You can use keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for many of the tasks you perform in Bopup Messenger to help increase your efficiency.

All users from your contacts on the My Contacts tab displayed with a presence status icon. The following presence status are available:

— Assigned messaging group
— Assigned group with no permission to send messages and files (managed on IM server)
— User is currently online
— User is currently in Away mode (Online)
— User is currently offline

Type few letters in the edit box with the "Contact search" tip text above the users list in order to display only contacts whom first/last name and/or account starts from that symbols. An empty (by default) edit box shows full Contact List.

Bopup Messenger displays a good visible icon in system tray area that changes it's color and blinks when a new message comes.