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Pricing & Purchase

No monthly fees. No any recurring or mandatory charges.
Get a lifetime license per one-time payment.

The unregistered copy of the server software has a 45-day limitation. It can only be used for evaluation purposes during the 45-day trial period.

Registration gives you the right to use the software after the 45-day trial period, receive technical support and use the features available only for registered users. After the expiry of the 45-day trial period you must either purchase your copy of the software or stop using it and remove it from any storage devices.

You can order online, by phone or fax. Our comprehensive payment options include credit card, debit card, bank transfer, check, cash or purchase order, including billing in various currencies. We accept (through our registration service) Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Switch and Solo. Credit and debit card payments are normally authorized in just a few seconds. You can send checks to our registration company's offices in the U.S. and Europe. And you can wire transfer money to local bank accounts in their country. We also accept PayPal online payments.

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We offer a very flexible pricing schedule. Our pricing policy depends on the number of purchased licenses (one per user connection) of the IM client software. Because our IM suite is based on a client/server platform, you have to buy Bopup Communication Server. The client software is purchased per concurrent connection basis.

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Pricing in Details

Since our instant messaging software is based on a client/server platform this means that real-time communications are organized via a central IM server. Instant messenger licenses should purchased be within the IM server software except buying product bundles and applying our offer for small-size companies.

Concurrent Connections
to IM Server
Price per license, USD
Bopup Communication Server Bopup Messenger
(Full client)
Bopup Observer
(One-way client)
up to 10 $199 $12.90 $6.90
10 — 20 Free $12.60 $6.60
21 — 49

$12.60 $6.60
50 — 99 $12.30 $6.30
100 — 199 $12.00 $6.00
200 — 499 $11.20 $5.50
500 — 999 $10.10 $5.00
1,000 — 1,499 $9.00 $4.50
1,500 and above Please contact us

Software Packs (product-bundles) shown below include the IM server and fixed amount of ready-to-use licenses for Bopup Messenger client. Free Technical Support for unlimited time and Upgrade Service subscription for the 1st year of use starting from purchase date is also included. Purchasing a product bundle gives 10% discount.
Product bundle Includes Price, USD
Standard Pack Bopup Communication Server and 25 licenses of Bopup Messenger $460
Office Pack Bopup Communication Server and 50 licenses of Bopup Messenger $725
Enterprise Pack Bopup Communication Server and 100 licenses of Bopup Messenger $1,250

Nonprofit and Educational Discounts

We provide discounts for our software to nonprofit, health and educational organizations. A regular rate of the discount is 30%. Please contact us to apply for discount.

Special Offer for Small-Size Businesses and Networks

We understand how real-time communication and collaboration is important even in small companies and offices. And for those organizations and businesses we offer Bopup Communication Server for FREE if only 10—20 messengers are needed. In that case customers should purchase only IM client software!

Get Bopup Communication Server at no cost by purchasing less than 20 IM clients!

Services subscription

Our licensing policy is based on annual subscription for Upgrade Service. That service offers the right to install and use all future versions of the IM client and messaging server software that will be released within 1 (one) year starting from subscription date. Subscription for the Upgrade Service can be purchased starting from 2nd year of use because we provide free updates and upgrades to new versions of the software for 1st year.

High Priority Support service provides the same day responses via e-mail, public IM networks (MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger) and technical support by phone. We offer a rapid question and problem resolution.

Costs for the services below are provided for 1-year period (annual fee).

Service Number of users
(concurrent connections to IM server)
up to 10 10 — 20 21 — 99 100 — 199 200 — 499 500 — 999 1,000 and above
Technical Support Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Upgrade Service (1st year) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Upgrade Service (2nd year) Free $55 $125 $250 $360 $480 $600
High Priority Support $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $1,200 $1,800

Our software products are delivered electronically. Online orders are fulfilled within 24 — 48 hours. All prices are quoted in US Dollars on a per-order basis only and subject to change without notice.

Upon the receipt of your registration fee with the completed registration form, you will receive an e-mail message with an unique license key file that corresponds to the registration string specified in the registration form. You should contact us if you do not receive an e-mail message with a license key file after your purchase.

Return Policy

If you determine that our software does not work as expected, you can return the software within 30 days for a full refund. Please review our Refund Policy statement for conditions and reasons of returning the software.

Offer for Existing Customers

We offer our existing customers the great opportunity to upgrade to the new client/server platform from prior versions. If you previously purchased either Bopup Communication Server version 2.x (and earlier) or any number of licenses for Bopup Messenger version 4.x (and earlier), you may upgrade to the new platform for just $125.00 US. This low-cost upgrade fee includes the Upgrade Service subscription for 1 year. Please contact us for advanced details and further instructions on how to upgrade and do not forget to include your Order Number and/or Registration Name in your enquiry.