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Information for Affiliates and Partners

B Labs exists to make its customers and partners happy. We understand that your business is of extreme importance. This is why we are willing to share our success with you if you help us in this exciting journey of product development and marketing.

How Can You Benefit rom Partnership with Us?

We manufacture productivity tools for enterprises and individuals. If you have a web site, you can help us distribute information about our products or the trial versions of the software. You can register as an affiliate with us, which means that each sale generated with your help will bring you up to 20% commission.

Register as affiliate by clicking the link:

We prefer affiliation via the Share-It! Network service. Our products and site are certified by Share-It!, which is simply a guarantee that you will get credited for your help in marketing. ShareIt will automatically and instantly build a custom Installation package for you where all BUY links already contain your affiliate ID. We have set up automatic affiliate approvals from everyone and 20% commission rates via Share-It!. All you have to do is register as our affiliate, generate sales links and publish them on your website together with promotional images you choose.

We also welcome suggestions for co-marketing opportunities. If you have a brilliant idea about how to capitalize on our products and services please let us know.

If you are interested in becoming our affiliate or partner, please write to [email protected] for details.