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MultipleMessageStruct type

Specifies or retrieves information on instant message that is sent to multiple recipients.

Type MultipleMessageStruct     Key As String     Flags As MessageFlag     SenderName As String     MessageText As String     TextFont As String     TextSize As Long     TextStyle As TextStyle     TextColor As Long End Type


Contains a unique message key. This member is filled when IServerClientVBA::SendMulitpleMessage method returns a success result and can be used to identify the instant message in the application.
Array of bitwise flags that specify parameters of the message. This member can include one or more of the following values:
Indicates high priority (urgent) message.
Indicates that the message requires recipient's confirmation.
Contains the sender's account name. This member must contain current user's account name.
Contains a text of the instant message.
Contains a font family to display the text message. Set this member to empty string ("" or Empty) or use MessageText_DefaultFont constant for outgoing messages if you want to use Arial font by default. Otherwise specify any other font name present in the system. For example, Tahoma, Verdana, Times New Roman and others.
Contains a font size to display the text message. Set this member to MessageText_DefaultSize constant to use default (-13) font size.
Contains a style of the message font. This member can inclulde one or more of the following bitwise flags:
Indicates bold font.
Indicates italic font.
Contains a font color to display the text message. Set this member to MessageText_DefaultColor constant or 0 value to use default black font color (RGB(0, 0, 0)).